Croissanterie La Marseillaise LTD
Croissanterie La Marseillaise LTD is proud to provide a weekly selection of over 125 classic handmade European breads and rolls. Choose from our signature Baguette, and our daily featured fresh baked Artisan specialities. As well, a tantalizing selection of fresh made daily sweet delights, including Gateaux, Tarts and Pies, Muffins Croissant and Pastries are also available.

Our bread Selection:
Croissanterie La Marseillaise bakes a wide variety of artisan breads daily. These are some of the classic…

French Baguette:
This traditional and classic loaf captures the heart and soul of France, where they wrapped around the middle with a small piece of paper for the consumer to carry. Artisan Bakeries are integral part of daily culture. One would stop by their local boulangerie to pick up bread in the morning for breakfast and lunch, and again in the evening. Typically, only enough bread needed for the day is bought, ensuring fresh flavour and texture. We use traditional methods, and only the finest natural ingredients to ensure each Baguette we create is of the highest quality, with a crisp crust and a soft flavourful crumb

Rich and buttery with a light inner texture, combined with crisp outer layers give the croissant a truly authentic taste.

The owner of Croissanterie La Marseillaise LTD is the ex-owner of Boulangerie La Parisienne in Yaletown and Boulangerie Chopain in Davie St. He is the master of the traditional french bread 100% Natural. He is a developer of a multigrain, french bread and croissant in Vancouver.


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